Monday, August 17, 2009

monday afternoon

what better way is there to spend a lovely afternoon other than skateboarding? especially with, G-lord and Quaidy brah,
photo's by G-lord

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Were back for business

Sorrry everyone, been lagging really bad with the posts, its been like 4 months lol, but were back better than ever, the boys are still shreading and now better than ever. been skating heaps and heaps of bowl with quaidy raping it with his crail's and tails, and with his deadly front fives and myself not really killing it but boardsliding and the occasional crail when i can pull it off. so yea we discovered how to skate something new would u look at that and it keeps us satisfied for long long afternoons. hopefully soon we will be visiting nambucca heads, so so keen. lots of gang wars taking place in the quiet town so the graff is hitting the park so frequently.
The chillself word is spreading and now we have three bonny hills riders,all our boards ARE sold and are waiting on more......... if u want one 80 with grip :D

enjoy the photos and hope you like them.



quaidy crail


Tony tailslide

massive air quaidy brah

front 5 tonzzz

Danny b ridle flyout

the happenings , last two weekends

Adzi lad front 5

Blunt to fakie, myself

front smith, myself

Dan Bridle Danny Disaster and LUcass!

Front smith quaidy brah