Tuesday, April 13, 2010

catch up

just some catchup

Beachy afternoon

just the other week i was down at the beach and there was an intense sea spray andit wasvery foggy so i decided to take some pictya's

Mysterious missions

Today me and Mim bombed a mission to the GhostRoad and got lost for like 2 hours in the bush! we went exploring for ages and hopefully soon we do this again! it was great fun and we both learnt lots about camera's and stuff.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia 2010

Well, today i learn't alot. alot about true friends. the people that made this possible. of the fifty five people that were invited i had the six of my true best friends show up, yea its a trek to bonny hills, but its not hard to send a free message over facebook to say you cant come., anyway we had the best time, and counted down the hottest 100 til dark, collected tadpoles, played childish games and topped the day off with fizzy drink, spiders an auzzie bbq and of course, in ture ausssie manner, yep tattoo's. the pool was around 27 degrees, and everyones eyes hurt, and kye learnt how to blow bubbe rings, and partied like an animal. everyone realisesd how truely rad mimi's haircut is! and also how good her only christmas present was(inflatable rings). El's expertise of marco polo, Nathan's strenght on the glatiator log, Timbo's ability to make the daythe best it could have been, and to unleash the high divung spectacular haha. Sharon fell inlove with my dog, , and was the youngest, and finally Elise took a heaps of tadpoles from my spar and built up the courage to come over. thankyou so much guys. took a bunch of photo's ( still gotta get some off mimi)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is dedicated to a great friend wh i have proudly known since he came to bonny hills, lucas is a small person, but dispite this he's a shredder, skateboards, surfboards or even the pitty'd scooters, he will shred it for u. lucas has been an awesome friend to all of us in bonny hills and dispite hes cheeky remarks, attitude and being a playa haha he will never be forgotten and we will always miss him and all the shreds we shared. lucas we will all miss you, despite the differences we will always love you man.

here are some photo's i found of u this morning.

nolliebig outta the halfpipe,

andanother, (he was good at these :)

can forget that blunt,

good bye lucas we will miss you. shred forever.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

start of holidays :) christmas :) lurking :) one year to go :) chillarium :)

well, i haven't posted for ages but i got a camera for Christmas! (canon eos 350d off ebay like all my assets of course) and loads of shots have been taken, i guess its pretty sweet :) had a shred today so i have some pictures ill take some more during the week stay tuned. dude.

More photo's coming sorry