Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is dedicated to a great friend wh i have proudly known since he came to bonny hills, lucas is a small person, but dispite this he's a shredder, skateboards, surfboards or even the pitty'd scooters, he will shred it for u. lucas has been an awesome friend to all of us in bonny hills and dispite hes cheeky remarks, attitude and being a playa haha he will never be forgotten and we will always miss him and all the shreds we shared. lucas we will all miss you, despite the differences we will always love you man.

here are some photo's i found of u this morning.

nolliebig outta the halfpipe,

andanother, (he was good at these :)

can forget that blunt,

good bye lucas we will miss you. shred forever.

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