Friday, October 30, 2009

rainy afternoon, spectacular

well, i gunned it home from the skatepark because it was raining and bam! these shots were taken on opposite sides of my veranda within ten minutes, this world we live in is so truely amazing.
Please dnt steal these photo's, ask me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Backyard, blitzin

it was a lovely friday afternoon and i had two hours up my sleeve. All my buddies were busy working or doing something rad ( quaid adzi, libby J, kye) and i had a job interview pretty soon so i thought, maybe i should take some photo's :)
and so i did. i decided to take some round my backyard, hence there not skateboarding one's , sorry if i let anyone down. if anyone wants any of the pictures in better quality to use for anything comment me and i'll send you it somehow

Friday afternoon

Lovely afternoon, to capture our beautiful surroundings, its amazing how pretty some things look in a different perspective, so sorry to dissapoint, but this one isnt a skateboarding post., (some of the shots are in the last post)
Spot the Crazy ants, i risked my life on this one

Satanic Tomato

Spot the butterfly
Spot the native bee's


You need these!